Monumenta Monodica Medii Aevi – unique collection of 9 volumes ; volume 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 7, 8, 11, 12


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  • Vendu par Boekenantiquariaat de Lezenaar
    Series of 9 volumes (out of 13 volumes published so far), in 12 physical volumes, 24x17cm., publisher’s green hardcover bindings with gilt lettering (some spines bit sunfaded), text and interior are clean and bright and in very good condition (looks unread), [Content: Volume I: Stablein Bruno (ed.), Hymnen – Die mittelalterlichen Hymnenmelodien des Abendlanden (xviii + 723pp., 1956) // Volume II: Stäblein Bruno & Landwehre-Melnicki Margareta (eds.), Die Gesänge der altrömischen Graduale (viii,166 + 724pp., 1970) // Volume III: Weiss Gunther (ed.), Introitus-Tropen I : Das Repertoire der südfranzösischen Tropen des 10. und 11. Jahrhunderts (xlii + 470pp., 1970) // Volume IV: Hiley, David (ed.), Missale Carnotense - Missale aus Chartres (972 + 67pp., in 2 physical volumes, 1992) // Volume V: Dobszay László /& Szendrei Janka (eds.), Antiphonen (in 3 physical volumes:) 1. Teilband: Antiphonen im 1. Modus, 2. Teilband: Antiphonen im 2. bis 6. Modus, 3. Teilband: Antiphonen im 7. und 8. Modus (1348pp., 1999) // VII: Schlager Karlheinz (ed.), Alleluja-Melodien I (bis 1100) - 411 Melodien der römischen Messe (xxxii + 682pp., 1968) // VIII: Schlager Karlheinz (ed.), Alleluja -Melodien II (ab 1100) - 470 Melodien des späten Mittelalters (viii + 917pp., 1987) // XI: Van der Werf, Hendrik (ed.), Trouvères-Melodien I (xvi + 616pp., 1977) // XII: Van der Werf, Hendrik (ed.), Trouvères-Melodien II (xiv + 745pp., 1979)], [From the editor: “One still uncharted area of European music history is monophonic chant from early Christian times to the end of the Middle Ages. It is the goal of Monumenta Monodica Medii Aevi to open up the genres of this extensive and many-sided repertoire which was crucial to the evolution of polyphonic music. Over a period of nearly forty years the founder of this series, Bruno Stäblein, collected source material dispersed in libraries and archives in many countries and stored it on microfilm at the Institute for Music Research, University of Würzburg. This extensive collection of over 4.000 manuscripts from some 300 libraries in thirteen countries makes it possible to produce critical editions on a broad foundation of sources. Like the overall division of the series, each volume classifies the material systematically and introduces it with detailed accounts of the music's style, history, liturgical usage and other relevant matters. If necessary, the volume is broken down with appropriate indices. Each volume also contains a critical report and facsimiles from the sources.” The publisher’s new price for our set was 3700 euro], total weight: 16kg., M106771
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